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June 2017

    This June 2017 Moreana is the first issue directed by Dr Travis Curtright and published by Edinburgh University Press. The first set of articles features inquiries into More's humanism and, in particular, questions raised by his Utopia. Travis Curtright proposes a fine analysis of the Latin word ingenium and its translations in More's Utopia. Gerard Wegemer examines the same text's account of pleasure in light of More's other writings. Although with a different angle, Ismael del Olmo and Michael Foley both consider religion in Utopia. Then, Louis Karlin and Jordan Teti explore Utopia and the legal philosophical concept of equity. Two other essays also concern Utopia.
    The other two contributors reveal the importance of translation for humanists such as More. Brandon Alakas turns to one of More's earliest works and ponders More's English appropriation of Gianfrancesco's Vita Ioannis Pici Mirandulae (Life of Pico), and Gerald Malsbary provides a new English translation of More's own Latin translation of Lucian's The Cynic. Two book reviews also feature in this new formula: Erasmus's Life of Origen... by Thomas P. Scheck and Thomas More's Utopia, Arguing for Social Justice by Ann Marie Klein.

Table of Contents
           Article Abstracts            Book Reviews


December 25 - Gazette Thomas More No.34 on line!

Our remodeled publication is in two parts :

  - One dedicated to the news of our society,
notes and information concerning our Morean
 activities such as conferences and seminars.
Other pages contain echoes and press cuttings.

  - The other dedicated to articles or translations addressing a wider readership than academic specialists. The first pages, ‘Winds of Research’, report on
Morean scholars’ work in progress.

December 21, 2016 - Marie-Claire's last Moreana - No.205-206

     This December 2016 Moreana is remarkable for the quality of its illustrations. Thanks to Michael Zhang's study of Thomas More's family paintings, we've been given permission to reproduce the Basel sketch and a number of other paintings in a higher definition than ever before.
     Another prominent feature of this issue is the moving "In Memoriam Dominic Baker-Smith", signed by Frank Mitjans and Elizabeth McCutcheon. It was particularly sad to say "adieu" to our champion of Utopia in the year More's masterpiece celebrated its 500th anniversary. The eulogy is well worth discovering as this time Dominic's testimony - brilliantly related by his friend - helps us understand how Thomas More can be the best companion for the last season of one's life.
     Following the Bruges Sixteenth Century Studies conference, Utopia is the topic of a number of good essays, and a few papers given at Bruges have found their way in this Moreana. Others will appear in the June 2017 issue.

Table of Contents           Article Abstracts            Book Reviews

November 5, 2016 - CTMS - University of Dallas
     See the Acts of the Seminar in the menu opposite left.

     Sharing Friendship  -   The Amici Thomae Mori society was particularly honored by the CTMS during the closing dinner of the Seminar on Utopia of November 4th and 5th, 2016.

     Marie-Claire and Hubert Phélippeau-Baudet quickly recalled 54 years of Amici Thomae Mori's history during a slide-show at the end of which they passed the baton of Moreana Editorship to the CTMS.
Slide Show

August 18-20, 2016 - Bruges Conference

   There were about thirty scholars from Moreana and Amici Thomae Mori at the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference in Bruges. The city of Bruges had been aptly chosen for this event which celebrated the 500th anniversary of both the first publication of Thomas More's Utopia and Erasmus' Novum Instrumentum.
   We organized 5 panels and a roundtable and were present in two other panels. Most of the sessions were devoted to Utopia and the roundtable gathered translators and specialists of the translation of Utopia into various modern languages.  

   On this occasion we were happy to meet for a Verre de l'Amitié, and honor Elizabeth McCutcheon whom we wanted to thank for allowing us to reprint a number of her essays in the December 2015 Moreana.

June 30, 2016 - Moreana 203-204 is published

This June 2016 issue offers a medley of papers ranging from the gravest to the lightest. Prof. Elliott Simon reveals More’s humor present in the midst of his most serious works, something that will not surprise the seasoned Morean scholar. A couple of studies on More’s theology precede two additional ones on Utopia. Régis Bar Closel acquaints us with his recent doctoral research on the representation of Sir Thomas More in sixteenth century fictional writings. Then Charles Clay Doyle invites us to consider the saying about the bag of snakes and eels, believed to be one of More’s and his father’s favorite jokes. You will then meet characters such as Teofilo Folengo and Jean le Sauvage, before discovering three choice Varia and two book reviews.

Table of Contents           Article Abstracts            Book Reviews

June 30, 2016 - Gazette Thomas More No.33 online

Renaissance of the Gazette Thomas More!
From 2017, the editorship of Moreana is going to be transferred to the CTMS of the University of Dallas for a first period of 6 years. The publication and the distribution (printed and on-line) will be carried out by the Edinburgh University Press (EUP) who will also manage the subscriptions of institutions to Moreana.
The Moreana editorial line will change and select a more restricted number of articles written by and for university academic specialists. The Gazette Thomas More intends to publish articles which cannot be published in Moreana anymore and happen to be a complement accessible to everyone.
As a consequence, your Gazette Thomas More presents two Books, one being your usual ‘newsletter’ and the new other ‘literary’.
Long live Germain’s Gazette Thomas More!

April 6 - Marie-Claire Phélippeau on air with Radio Notre Dame

     On the occasion of the publication of her new biography "Thomas More", Gallimard, Folio Biographies, Marie-Claire Phélippeau waas invited by Louis Daufresne in his morning program, Le Grand Témoin, on Radio Notre-Dame program. This was on Wednesday April 6, 2016, at 07:35.
     The broadcast can be heard on the Internet, either recorded or in podcast:


Podcast :

22 March 2016 - Interview on Radio Présence - Lourdes
     On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Thomas More's Utopia, which was presented to the Terminale students of lycées Jeanne d'Arc (Tarbes) and Peyramale (Lourdes),  Marie-Claire Phélippeau andHubert Baudet were invited by Radio Présence - Lourdes.
     You can hear the program where they were interviewed by Anne-Rose Jankovic, now broadcast on Radio-Présence website:

Download the interview
partie 1:
partie 2: 
partie 3: 
partie 4:

March 2016

Thomas More"
a new biography by Marie-Claire Phélippeau, Gallimard, Folio-Biographies, 271 pp., 8,70 €

"Le pilote ne quitte pas le navire dans la tempête parce qu'il ne peut maîtriser le vent."
     Auteur de L'Utopie (1516), ce pays de nulle part qui possède "la meilleure forme de communauté politique", où règnent la justice sociale et la tolérance, et où personne ne manque de rien, Thomas More (1478-1535) fut activement engagé dans son époque. Chargé d'ambassades en Europe, signataire de la paix des Dames, ce juriste de formation, ami d'Erasme, avec lequel il entretenait une correspondance fidèle, fut un home de loi brillant et généreux, doublé d'un homme de lettres à la verve mordante et plein d'humour. Homme de Dieu, en lutte contre les réformateurs luthériens, il publia un retentissant Dialogue concernant les hérésies. Refusant de renier sa foi en l'Eglise de Rome, il fut emprisonné à la Tour de Londres et exécuté le 6 juillet 1535. Au pied de l'échafaud, il déclara à son bourreau: "Merci de m'aider à monter. Pour la descente, je me débrouillerai tout seul."

December 22, 2015 - Moreana 201-202 - Liber Amicorum
The December 2015 Moreana issue has been titled Liber Amicorum, as it is the result of a joint enterprise carried out by a number of friends. The main friend involved is Elizabeth McCutcheon, who is the sole author of the 20 scholarly articles of the volume and has accepted to publish a collection of her best essays published in other journals and books than Moreana all along her career. A number of her friends have participated in this unusual Festschrift and contributed short papers or letters. In this Liber Amicorum, you will discover five different sections, the first and main one devoted to Utopia, whose 500th anniversary we are celebrating in 2016, another on More’s Epigrammata, then on Margaret More Roper, then on Erasmus and finally a last one called Varia, with papers on biographies of Thomas More, on his humanism and on a comparison between his prison letters and William Tyndale’s. This special issue is 460 pages thick and should delight all scholars, who have been expressing their thanks to Elizabeth McCutcheon for this generous gift.

Décembre 2014 - Pope Francis says Thomas More's Prayer
Pope Francis spoke to the Curia on December 22 denouncing the most common "diseases" the humans suffer from in their daily lives. Here is an extract of his address, the part concerning the twelfth disease, which finds its cure with Thomas More's prayer: PRESENTATION OF THE CHRISTMAS GREETINGS TO THE ROMAN CURIA ADDRESS OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS  (extract)Clementine HallMonday, 22 December 201412. The disease of a lugubrious face. Those glum and dour persons who think that to be serious we have to put on a face of melancholy and severity, and treat others – especially those we consider our inferiors – with rigour, brusqueness and arrogance. In fact, a show of severity and sterile pessimism [12] are frequently symptoms of fear and insecurity. An apostle must make an effort to be courteous, serene, enthusiastic and joyful, a person who transmits joy everywhere he goes. A heart filled with God is a happy heart which radiates an infectious joy: it is immediately evident! So let >...

December 22 2015 - Gazette No 32 is on line!
As the previous ones, this Gazette Number 32 is realized by you who bring the contents either by writing an article or a simple memo, or by selecting press cuttings the reading of which you wish to share with Amici.
We present you with some notes about the real-life experience of last June 22nd, and the discovery of a 'Resistance fighter' of a Morean type in the person of St Hilaire of Poitiers, followed by two reports on the new statue of More commissioned by Boston College Law School, and about the Tyndale Society conference which was held at the beginning of October in Oxford.
 Jacques Gury and Malcolm Sinclair gleanings bring us up to year 2016, annus mirabilis, year of the 500th anniversary of the first Utopia edition.
Thanks to all of you for your kind returns, and for all the articles you’re going to send me!

                                                                             Download Gazette No 32

June 20, 2015 - Moreana No. 199-200
This June 2015 Moreana, which boasts his 200th number and more than 50 years’ existence, is offering a number of essays devoted to the research which was the subject of the November 2014 seminar at the Center for Thomas More Studies: the Theology of Thomas More. The two works considered here are A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation and the Sadness of Christ (De tristitia Christi). Interestingly, several articles focus on the role played by humor in these works, testifying to the specificity of More’s pedagogy, even in such serious topics. There are other essays in this issue too, whose abstracts you can discover by clicking here and downloading the “presentation”.

The full texts of book reviews is visible by clicking here.

June 2015 - Gazette No.31 is on line!
This Gazette is a:
" Special UK "

so much we shared with our British friends the events of the beginning of year 2015: Reburial of Richard III, Thomas More’s Prayer revisited by Pope Francis and Hilary Mantel’s earthquake!

Some new
pics of G.M. and a few more echoes complement this ‘fat’ Gazette 31…
Many thanks to all for their feedback!             Gazette No.31 to download

                                       Valete omnes,                   Hubert Baudet

December 2014 - Gazette No 30 is on line!
           Through its composition and its diversity, this Gazette perfectly mirrors our association of friends, a society open to the whole world, which, far from any excess, invites everyone to express themselves:   
          - friends who visited Father Germain,  
          - then friends of the martyr Saint Thomas More, celebrated in Chartres, 
          - then scholarly friends who gather and debate on More’s life, literary works and theology, 
          - finally friends from different countries and backgrounds who have collected echoes resonating with his political thinking, his life or his faith.  
          We are particularly thankful for the vitality and the joy demonstrated by Father Germain who is always so happy  to welcome his friends in Brittany.  
          Many thanks to those who have contributed to this issue.
 Valete Omnes

January 2014

Pour l'Amour du Ciel- La mort, le péché et l'Au-delà dans les écrits de Thomas More
Author : Marie-Claire PHELIPPEAU
Preface by Germain Marc'hadour – Moreana Editions, 426 p.

Why did Thomas More repeatedly refuse to sign Henry VIII's oath, until he had no choice but suffer a traitor's death? For heaven's sake!
Marie-Claire Phélippeau does not research the political motivations that justified More's opposition to his sovereign but the spiritual reasons that led him to prefer martyrdom.

order now ==>     Moreana Editions