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    The great marks in Thomas More's universe:

         The most reliable sources can be found on the Center for Thomas More Studies (CTMS) website :

         Most of the information you can find on this page is extracted from the biography of Thomas More published in 2016 by Marie-Claire Phélippeau.

         Thomas More, by Marie-Claire Phélippeau, Gallimard Paris, folio biographies n° 128. ISBN 978-2-07-046224-7.

    Chronological Marks

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    Young Thomas's London

    Spot places on 'Tudor London map'

    Thomas More's Family

    Simplified Genealogical Family Tree

    Bibliographical References

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         We present you with again one of the appendix of Marie-Claire Phélippeau's biography "Thomas More", published by Gallimard "folio biographies".