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  • 2 - Au quotidien
  • 3 - Aux limites de l'Humanisme
  • 4 - La réforme protestante (1/2)
  • 5 - La réforme protestante (2/2)

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  • Utopia - March 1518 edition

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  • Erasmus to von Hutten, 1519
  • Richard III, Préface de RW Chambers

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    Frieze around Thomas More' life in 6 pages

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    Thomas More Columnist

    This title is borrowed from Marie Delcourt's book published in 1936 and entitled "Thomas More".
    To deal with the debate concerning Thomas More's authenticity as author of the History of Richard III, whether for the Latin version or for the English language version, Marie Delcourt refers to R.W. Chambers' foreword written for the 1931 reedition of The Thomas More English Works published in 1557 (Volume I).
    Chambers establishes the paternity of More 'in such a bright way.'

    The authorship of Richard III